Jedi Knight

Jedi Consular

Starfyre Chronicles

Ch 1: The Calling

Ch 2: Ancient Relics

Ch 3: Kalikori Village

Ch 4: Twisted Hero

Ch 5: Searching the Past

Ch 6: The Fallen

Ch 7: Rajivari's Legacy

Ch 8: Trial by Fire

Ch 9: The Forge

Ch 10: Revelations

The Jedi Knight:

The Jedi Knight is defender of the weak and protector of justice. They train the art of combat and learn to harness the power of the force and the lightsaber from a young age. They are also natural leaders and are unfraid to enter the heat of combat.

The Jedi Guardian:

These Stalwart defenders are some of the toughest warriors in the galaxy. Wearing heavy armor they face the worst dangers and often walk away unharmed. They motivate their allies during battle and keep them from harm.

The Jedi Sentinel:

Where the Guardian focuses on defense the Sentinel is the pinnacle of offence for the Jedi order. Wielding dual blades they tear through the enemy like knife through butter. Their abilities focus on increasing their damage even further to dispatch their enemies faster.