Jedi Knight

Jedi Consular

Starfyre Chronicles

Ch 1: The Calling

Ch 2: Ancient Relics

Ch 3: Kalikori Village

Ch 4: Twisted Hero

Ch 5: Searching the Past

Ch 6: The Fallen

Ch 7: Rajivari's Legacy

Ch 8: Trial by Fire

Ch 9: The Forge

Ch 10: Revelations

The Jedi Consular:

Wielder of the force, searcher of knowledge, and Diplomat. The Jedi Consular is all these and more. While the Knights forcus on martial training, the Consular focuses instead on the mysteries of the force for both resolving issues and for defense.

They are primarily a ranged class that has both offensive power and healing spells to help their allies. Once the player reaches Level 10 they may choose one of two paths:

The Jedi Shadow:

These defenders of the Jedi Order have mastered the force in the way of concealment and devastating attackings with the double bladed saber. They can strike from the shadows devastating enemies and then fade away like the wind leaving no trace. They also harness the force to heal themselves and increase their damage. This path is very balanced in offence and defense.

The Jedi Sage:

The Jedi Sage devotes themselves to the study of the force. In all the Jedi Order none are stronger in the force then they. Through the force they heal their allies, revive their fellow commrades, and unleash devstating force attacks upon their enemies. They are unmatched in their ability to heal; yet make no mistake, they are also fearsome opponents that can leave their enemies even unable to attack at all.