Jedi Knight

Jedi Consular

Starfyre Chronicles

Ch 1: The Calling

Ch 2: Ancient Relics

Ch 3: Kalikori Village

Ch 4: Twisted Hero

Ch 5: Searching the Past

Ch 6: The Fallen

Ch 7: Rajivari's Legacy

Ch 8: Trial by Fire

Ch 9: The Forge

Ch 10: Revelations

About the Author: Reynen Starfyre

I have been waiting for SWTOR for quite a number of years now and am extremely excited about the game. I've followed the game since it's inception and was ecstatic to be a part of the beta. Ony of my hobbies has always been writing and this has inspired me to do so again.

I have been involved with many companies in the gaming industry for a number of years now and have developed a number of successful sites and programs. An example of some of my work in the past:

  1. EBIIA for Earth and Beyond with Westwood ( 3 million+ visitors )
  2. Ultima X Odyssey Promoter (UXO) with Origin ( 1 million+ visitors )
  3. Heroes of Azeroth (Major guild site for WOW)
  4. Freelancer: TNG mod - over 750K downloaded worldwide ( 7 million + visitors)
  5. Oblivion: Drakin Races - over 500K downloaded worldwide
  6. Dragon Age Origins: DATNG - Cleric Class (Very first full additional class for DAO)
  7. Dragon Age Origins: BG2 Redux Developer

Previously in my work I met with developers in the Westwood HQ for E&B, and also with the UXO developers in San Diego. My degree is in CIS and I have worked over 25 years as a professional web design & developer, game design & programmer, database admin, IT manager, PC technician and many other things in between.