Jedi Knight

Jedi Consular

Starfyre Chronicles

Ch 1: The Calling

Ch 2: Ancient Relics

Ch 3: Kalikori Village

Ch 4: Twisted Hero

Ch 5: Searching the Past

Ch 6: The Fallen

Ch 7: Rajivari's Legacy

Ch 8: Trial by Fire

Ch 9: The Forge

Ch 10: Revelations

Welcome to the Starfyre Chronicles!

The games awesome storyline was inspiration for my work here, which I hope you will enjoy as well.


News: 11/16/11

Chapter 1 is completed and I am working on finishing the other chapters. Keep checking back for future updates. I will also be adding screenshots to the chronicles as I make more. I will also be adding lots more content for classes and such as well.

News: 11/14/11

The beta has ended for this prior weekend and now we wait to hear if they will have another one this weekend. They have announced they will be sending out beta keys to various sources so keep your eyes peeled!